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5 years ago

1070 TVLANDHD stopped working - TiVo with tuning adapter

1070 TVLand stopped working this afternoon.  I have TiVo and a tuning adapter.  If I reboot, I can see it briefly until the tuning adapter finishes initializing and then the channel goes blank.  I swapped tuning adapters with my other TiVo and the same thing happens with my other Tuning adapter connected..

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    Hi John, is TV Land the only channel impacted? Is there an error code displaying on the TV screen? Are all TiVo devices in the home affected? Do you have a splitter in the home? -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator
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    Hi John, I am also having the same problem with Tivo and I have 2.  TVLand was a week or two ago working and all of a sudden now its not, also channels 1050 and 1076 CSPAN are nor working???  I tried resetting TIVO boxes and also did a Cox cable reset and same thing is happening?