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5 years ago

Why can't I delete my phone history

I can delete my phone and mail history on all my smart phones and it is time for Cox to get off their lazy butts and include a feature to do this on residential phones. You spend all your time and effort in trying to develop new technology in order to justify outrageous rate increases when you can't even manage your existing infrastructure. There is a reason why people are moving off of land lines to go to more efficient and effective services with more competent providers. I don't want it to roll off after x amount of days this is my data and I need to have the ability to manage it. You remind me of those Microsoft idiots. Keep building new OS to fix the old OS that we can't fix.

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    i believe they need to hold onto call history in case the phone was used in anything illegal, non pc, criminal, etc.

    or if you said something that you wish you hadn't said over the phone.