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7 years ago

What does this really mean?

To our customers,

We are currently experiencing technical difficulties to to load your profile. We are aggressively working to resolve this issue as quickly as possible. Your ability to access the Internet and other parts of this site is not affected.

With highest regards,

Cox Communications

I periodically get this when trying to access Phone Tools.  It seems fairly obvious that this is a standard page that comes up when there are server issues with Phone Tools feature that cause delays and not something prompted by an identified problem that's being worked on- let alone "aggressively".  It is fairly obvious that this is a standard error message and frankly it's a tad insulting.

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  • Hi stinkfoot63,

    Are you getting the message when accessing Phone Tools on our website or through the Cox Connect App? Is it happening always, intermittent, or when accessing a particular part of Phone tools? If on the website, I recommend clearing cookies and cache from your browser, and if the Cox Connect App, what version and is it happening after uninstalling the app, restart the device, and reinstall the App?

  • It comes up (Phone Tools- Cox website) when it's more or less apparent that a server is timing out with whatever third party entity is handling the CID info for Cox.  No "aggressive" anything going on- just routine sporadic exceptions most likely resulting from internet traffic.  I will do web searches for numbers that ring my phone without authorization which has me logging in and out a few times.  Sometimes, sandwiched amid several successful logins will crop up "...aggressively..." which I find "aggressively" annoying.