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6 years ago

Too may robocalls

Switched to Cox July 27. Since the switch, I’m getting 20+ robocalls a day.  I set up, but calls are still getting through. In partular, one with the calller ID that starts with V8. The rest of the ID changes, and always a different number. Message is left that he “local cops” are one the way to arrest. 

I’ve confirmed my number is protected, but calls still ring 5 times, before voicemail picks up.


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    The "Cops are Coming" is a scam.  A "Collection Agency" will allege you have a warrant for unpaid taxes, but you can cancel the warrant with a credit card.  The rep will agree it's probably a mistake and they'll refund your money after your court case.

    Nomorobo doesn't work with one-time spoofs.  For example, scammer will spoof a number, a subscriber will report it to Nomorobo and the scammer moves on to another number.  Nomorobo will block the first number but it'll just be blocking a ghost.

    The numbers are spoofs of your exchange.  There's 10,000 numbers on your can't report them all.  Well, you could but...

    I'd get bombarded 20-30 times a month by the same number, but now I get bombarded with 20-30 one-time spoofs.  Since Nomorobo launched in Oct 13, my one-time spoofs increased 125%.  275% in the past 12 months.  350% in the past 6 months.  July was the worst at 425%.

    Nomorobo is only good for known nuisance-numbers, but those are as obsolete as the buggy whip.

  • Hi Glenruss,

    Did you activate the Nomorobo number and select it as a Simultaneous Ring number?

    Maria L.
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