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6 years ago

The phone from 1876 dead, now it's ** VOIP

Dear COX,

Do you realize that your new and improved VOIP service is not wanted, nor does it work? The traditional copper telephone line is king, as it doesn't require a modem, coaxial cables, electricity, electronic waste, backup batteries, mac addresses, IP addresses, and the like.

The telephone in it's current state has been in use since roughly 1876, some 142 years ago and has worked without issues until now. When you need 911 on copper you get it and they know where you live and how to get there. VOIP, 911 needs you to tell them where you are while you are in an emergency. Not to mention, if the power goes out, your VOIP dies after a few hours if you don't purchase a backup battery.

Talk about e-waste... your equipment will now require firmware updates, security updates, reboots, reinstalls, replacements, etc, etc, etc,.

And at the end of the day, if the modem doesn't work, you sure as heck cannot  call COX for support, as the phone doesn't work.

I am just at a loss here, don't understand that I need all the below to operate a phone:

1. Phone Modem

2. Coaxial cable from modem to wall

3. Electrical cable from phone modem to electrical outlet

4. Phone cable from phone modem to wall to power all jacks in the house

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  • In my opinion, the geeks screwed up the phone industry only for their own advantage.  Displays such as caller id, etc have neen long supported on several platforms, both digital and analog.  The Mitel Superset 7 phones provided display information, yet were analog sets.  The display info came via "COV", carrier over voice.  Digital systems provided such info as part of the stream.  In my opinion the "need" to go VOIP is just the geeks trying to capitalize and justify their own need.  For all their fancy bells and whistles, when their servers mess up, you better have a cell phone to call the telco.  As for nomorobo, Cox is just copping out by saying it HAS to be VOIP.  The caller ID info is presented to the switching platform before it is presented to the station, and should NOT require the 'need' to go VOIP.  VOIP in my opinion is cute but over rated.