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Technology past the demark (modem port (RJ-11)) remains the same.

Each modem port provides a loop-start, analog line that works with analog telephones.  You should be able to bridge up to four devices across a single line.  If a facsimile terminal is one of them, you may want to consider ordering the distinctive ring (DR) feature with a separate number (DN) that the facsimile can be set to answer only.  If you need two separate lines, then use two line telephones but still keep the distinctive ringing on one of the lines.  Do not dedicate a line to fax only as that usually represents a waste of money as the DR feature costs only about $5.00/month.  Note also, that if you have an answering machine, it may be set to ignore the DR for the facsimile terminal.  

If you have a security system (particularly with cameras) this system should be connectable to the internet, and if so, may be accessed via your cell phone.  You may also arrange it to place a call to your cell via one of your analog lines when a major alarm occurs.  The auto dialer is just another bridged line appearance.  Note all of these devices need to be on a UPS as well as the camera DVR. Note that a loss of power should set an alarm that triggers auto-dialer call placement to your cell.

Most of this functionality does not require any new technology beyond that provided by the Internet and the cellular network.

Hope the information presented here is helpful to those wanting to exploit existing and not particularly new technologies that are available to just about any home owner.  You just have to know what to ask for.



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