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6 years ago

Still no local number for nomorobo

Well, there still is no local phone number for nomorobo, and I think this mess is about to go big and wide.  I received a mailer this week from Cox, aimed at the entire Tucson market no doubt, announcing the switch to Cox Voice and the availability of nomorobo.  Following the instructions provided, everyone will get the same long distance number I was given.  So the calls to customer service are about to go way up.  Still think it is acceptable to ignore my request for a local number?  You will get my phone service disconnected next month before I will call again (that will be the third) to get LD charges taken off the bill.

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      I reached out several times.  The one time they did  contact me, they said they would reach out to Cox because "Cox shouldn't be charging for that call anyway."  Like I said, Cox just mailed out notifications to every customer that nomorobo was now available.  One can only imagine how many angry customers will be calling billing next month...  Both Cox and Nomorobo say it isn't their problem, but I say it is up to both to solve this easy fix.   I kept my landline only on the promises of "nomorobo will be here soon", and now this.  It works great, by the way, but not worth the hassle of calling every month to get LD charges  credited back to the account.  

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        Hi OldJedi, I do not have Cox Voice; however, I've been trying to research this on your behalf. I'm afraid I haven't made much progress, so I'm glad CoxJim from DSLReports is pinch-hitting. Like WMO, I thank you for pushing through the early bugs. Until we get these issues resolved, I'll take care of crediting your account so you don't have to call every month. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator