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6 years ago

Spoofed numbers

How is it that criminals who spoof CID information to knowing push their harassment through can get away with their activity?  Is there any technology available that specifically detects that the CID info does not match where the call is originating from and dumps the call?  I'm tired of having so little control over my phone that I must shut off the ringer to avoid the swarm of rude and intrusive interruptions and subject legitimate calls that I do get to screening.

DON'T tell me to enroll with the DNC placebo button- I participated in that deception when it was created and DON'T tell me to report calls because the government does nothing about them- even the IRS impersonators who furnish working numbers to commit their crimes.

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    There are third-party databases maintaining a list of CNAM fields as a service to all providers.  You're right.  It should be a simple binary lookup.  However, the third-parties charge a fee per lookup.

    I don't know how Cox provides the CNAM.  From my experience, if the spoofer provides one, Cox will relay it.  If Cox has it associated locally on file, Cox will insert it.  If Cox doesn't do a lookup, they'll either display [City] and [State] or Unavailable.

    It's weird.  When my Mom moved into a new house a few years ago, her provider updated her billing address but misspelled her last name.  I told her of the mistake and she immediately took care of it.  However, even after these few years, I still see the misspelling.

    Before the move, her name was correct.  After the move, Cox relayed the misspelling.  Since her correction, Cox still provides the misspelling.  It's always been the same number.  What prompted Cox to update the misspelling but not the correction?

    Anyway, Cox won't pay to lookup each call.