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7 years ago

Screwed up

Cox needs to really get their act together.  Not the first time this has happened, but this is just and example of a voicemail we got from my wife's brother in Oregon.  The audio does not have the english bit at the end, just the email transcript.  And don't tell me to email you details, you already have my account info associated with my login/username.  

"Brenda rinc�n yo baj�(?) de que mi sorteo ya con mi padre y yo te. Hermana te estaba llamando para atr�s pero 
bueno no contesta si est� muy ocupado. Espero que est� bien. Ll�meme para atr�s. Te quiero bastante saludos a todos.
 Adi�s. Dios te bendiga."  me at 623-815-4149. Again I'm calling concerning stat labs for George Stedman. Thank you. Bye."

Potential HIPAA violations?

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    I apologize for the transcription issue with your voicemail. You should have an option to rate the transcription. Were you able to provide feedback? Please take a moment to review our Readable Voice Mail User Policy and let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns.