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Same old...Same old...

How many months have COX telephone customer representatives told me they are not seeing any negated issues on their end, eight months now?  I have been using my computer to talk with COX on the phone so I don't get disconnected and they seem to think I can hear, I CAN'T HEAR.  I'M DEAF, you ignorant fools!  I have to use my cell phone which is from a different phone provider because I have an app that lets me see and read the conversation but uses my data.  I can't even make doctor appointments or connect with businesses to schedule appointments without them telling me there is static or a bad connection from my end on my landline phone.  My telephone is a closed-captioned telephone but I only use it to call COX and they are the only business I am able to call without static or a bad connection, why am I paying $22.00 per month for that service.  Before having to call every month this year for four months you kept changing the prices.  I allowed you to send technicians to come out to supposedly fix the problematic issue and all they ever do is change the modem and tell me that everything is working fine.  Wrong, my doctors and business associates are telling me there is static and/or a bad connection.  Sometimes the calls are dropped, I am disgustingly sick and tired of hearing the same old excuse that my phone is working fine.  Before 2019 my phone was really working excellent but these past over eight months I am tired of looking at the phone on the left of this computer every week and being forced to use my cell phone using my data and paying $22.00 per month for a useless service on the landline.  What good is having a landline phone and only using it to call COX all the time!!!  That is a very expensive, useless service!

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    Hi Kellybean08, we are terribly sorry to learn about these issues, and we want to help resolve them as quickly as possible. In regards to your phone service, do you have a landline phone plugged directly into the back of the modem? Or, do you have a landline phone plugged directly into a phone jack in the wall? -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator