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5 years ago

Re-establishing phone service

We had Cox phone service for our home. Long story short, we transferred the phone number to a cell phone several weeks ago, but now want to transfer the phone number back to the Cox phone.  How do we do this? 

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    Hi Gelder33, please make sure the telephone number is still active with your current cell phone provider. If it's active, please reach out to our Cox Sales Team at 1-888-438-6673. Our back-office team will reach out to the cell phone provider to have the number "ported over." To speed up the process, please ensure you have the PIN number from the other provider, and that all information you provide to Cox regarding the cell phone provider matches what they have on file. In other words, please make sure the name on the account matches the cell phone provider, or they may reject the port.

    The phone number must be active in order for the porting process to work. Cox will then close the account with your cell phone provider so that you don't have to. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator