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2 years ago

Porting over phone number from Ooma to cox

I have an existing  cox account and phone number,  I want to replace the cox phone number with one that I have from Ooma. Is this possible and how to do this?

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    I think this should be possible. I would call up Cox Sales and see what it takes to get the ball rolling. I think the whole process takes 5-7 days.

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    As WMO mentioned call 1-888-952-3278 also make sure the phone number is still active with Ooma.

    Jonathan J
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      Like Jonathan said, do NOT turn off that number with OOMA, it will be turned off once Cox has ported it to Cox, and activates it on you Cox Home Phone. All you have to do is call and request that your number from OOMA be ported over to Cox. May take a few days it depends if it's a simple port or a complex port, which take a bit longer.