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4 years ago

Porting out Question---I want to port out my number but keep Cox Phone (will it assign a new number?)

I get too many bogus calls on my home phone.  I don't want it ringing all over my house waking people up.

But I want to keep COX phone service because of my (monitored) alarm system requirements.

Porting out Question---

I want to port out my number but keep Cox Phone service.   I have had this number for 20 years and some of my older friends and relatives occasionally use it.

Will Cox allow a port out of my current Cox number, then assign a new number to my home phone (because I don't want to cancel phone service).

If so, how do I request that from Cox?

 (I realize that when I am ready to port out, I need to keep my phone number active, and go to my new carrier and request the port out, and then wait for the port-out to be effective).   But will Cox just cancel phone?

(FYI, I have internet service too with Cox, which I am also keeping).

I realize most times that people port-out, they want to cancel the phone service with the original provider.  That is not me.

Please let me know if what I want is possible, and how.


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  • @TivoUser7, You have two options here. You can port the number and then reset up the phone service with us after the port or you can add a 2nd line now and then port the original number. Option 2 will prevent any interruption of service since the 2nd line will already be established before the port. -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.