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9 months ago

Porting a home phone number

Hello. I've tried everything to get a phone number through cox with a different area code and I have had no success so I'm curious can I port a google voice number into my cox landline service?

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  • Hello Tjzfindley, 

    We are able to port numbers from Google Voice as long as the number is in the same rate center as the rate center where you reside in. In regards to porting phone numbers from other telephone providers, there are specific rules in place that all telephone providers must adhere to.

    1.) The ported number must be in the same rate center that you reside in. In other words, if you are moving from one location to another, the phone number must be within the same rate center in order to be ported over. If the phone number crosses rate centers, the port cannot take place.
    2.) The customer's name must match exactly what is on their account with the other provider.
    3.) Customers must keep the telephone number active with the other service provider, in order for the port to be successful. The telephone service is then canceled through the other provider once the port completes.

    If you have any further questions or concerns about phone porting, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at with your name, address, concerns, and a link to this community thread.

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      So your saying that I can port my phone number that is a (620) area code number which is the google voice number. Because when I called yesterday to that 1 800 number they said that I can't because we live in a different region of kansas which the region we live in is a 785 area code region.

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        Hi Tjzfindley,


        We would need the full number and the address where the number is being ported to fully address your concerns. Please feel free to email us at for further support.