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My phone is dead.  Has been for several days.  I am told I can't get service any more unless I have a mandatory equipment change outside and inside my home. I use several antique phones. They work with the equipment I have now. I DO NOT WANT THE EQUIPMENT CHANGE.  Can Cox force me to do this?  It seems like a bad idea that this senior lady with heart failure is without phone service right now, and also will be without phone in the future.  What do I do about 911 if I have chest pain tonight?  I'd hate to have to go through a lawsuit, provided I survive.  Do we want to buckle under to the monopolies like we did the Patriot Act?   Someone please help.

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  • Hi Ernie85017, Cox has been working all year on a project to update our telephony network by removing outdated Circuit Switch technology and replacing it with Packet Switch technology. The upgrade in phone network technology will allow us to provide customers with new phone features. We're working to migrate existing Cox Digital Telephone customers to the new platform. You will still be able to use your current telephones (the telephones of your choice) inside your home. We'll be emailing customers as well as mailing letters detailing the changes and listing steps for customers to follow. To learn more, go to If you do not allow Cox to install the new telephone equipment at your residence, at some point in the future your phone service will be affected. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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      phones with dials to connect, not buttons

      i have been on with chat for hours.  can't get anywhere.

      I have a very very long printout of my efforts to get help from cox after they disconnected my phone. i was told it was turned off because I don't have the new equipment. It is illegal for cox to force me to take equipment that will not work for me. I use antique phones as well as cordless phones. All were working well. 
      The new equipment will not work with my antique phones*. * My phone was turned off to force me to accept your new, invasive equipment. The equipment in my home works just fine.**An appointment was made to check the equipment on the outside of my house, just in case. The appointment was for Tuesday, Dec.*18*, between *10and **12. This morning, Dec. 17,  I found a note on my door that you missed me. I checked my email and found a message that the appointment for TODAY had been canceled. There was no appointment for today.
       I spent another hour on chat and got nowhere because cox is inept.**Refer to my account and the records of my conversations with telephone service. I can mail you copies of you are unable to track your own operations. I made copies, took badge numbers, etc should I need 911 and it has been denied to me. This could result in a considerable civil suits as well as class action suits, criminal charges, and - possibly worse - BAD PR.*
      *Cox has endangered my life by leaving me without 911 service for many days. I am an older woman with heart failure. Do the math. **  
      Due to cox’s incompetence and uncooperative attitude, I have decided the only recourse is to have the phone turned off and seek service from your competitors. I am supposed to call you to have the phone disconnected, BUT I DON'T HAVE A PHONE.** 
      The phone number on my account is 6027953001, but don't bother trying to call because IT DOESN'T WORK. **Cox has the ability to turn it back on without bothering me further. The problem is NOT with my phones. 

      I will also need the names and contact information for the cox Board of Directors. * *
       Please be certain to reduce my phone bill for the days of no service.

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        Hello, we are deeply sorry to hear about the issues involving your telephone service, as well as the negative experience you had with the tech appointments. We have a technician going out to your home today between 3-5PM, to resolve the issue, at no charge. If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. -Kevin