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7 years ago

Phone Tools Not Working

I have been attempting to recover my voicemails using the phone tools from my Cox account. The phone tools are not working. Once I received a proxy error message, but now no pages load. I have changed nothing since I last downloaded my voicemails. Is this feature now disabled and if so, what method should I use to retrieve voicemails?

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  • Hi KenLasVegas,

    I am sorry to hear you are not able to retrieve your voicemails. What browser are you currently using? I would recommend clearing your cookies and cache. Keep in mind, our Cox Conn app for mobile devices allows the ability to listen to your messages as well as a host of other features.
  • I am having similar issues and sent an email with my address and log in information at their suggestion.  Shall I respectfully suggest that this issue may not have anything to do with our accounts, computers, addresses, or any other diversionary option seeming engineered toward calling for a tech visit and resulting charge on a subsequent bill?