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5 years ago

Phone Service Shut Off By Cox In Error

My phone service (landline) was not working this morning, so I attempted to get it fixed thru Cox, but was unsuccessful and had to have a service call.  The technician who came out was knowledgeable and  helpful and got service restored.  My problem is I need to know who I should contact about this at Cox so it doesn't happen again. 

Here is what happened.  About a month ago, I noticed a message on my account online which indicated  I needed to return equipment.  I called Cox and after 4 transfers and 5 people and over an hour an one half on the phone, I finally was told it was my phone modem being referred to on the message,  but it was a mistake by Cox and it would be corrected.  Obviously, it wasn't corrected and the message is still on my online account today, and my phone service was coded by Cox today so it would not work. Who can I contact to keep this from happening again?????