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2 years ago

Phone rings 3 times then voicemail, can I adjust the # of rings?

Moms disabled and needs more time to get to the phone. Cox tech support says I’m stuck.

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    Yes, you can login to and adjust the number of rings. 

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    1. Go to
    2. Sign in with your User ID and Password.

    From the Voice Tools webpage:

    1. Click Settings (to expand Settings)
    2. Toggle Voice Mail On (will allow Voice Mail to be expanded)
    3. Click Voice Mail (to expand Voice Mail settings)
    4. Configure Rings from dropdown for number of rings before Voice Mail (2 to 9)
    5. Click Save

    These steps only need to be performed once to set the number of rings before incoming calls are forwarded to voicemail.  The number of rings selected can be changed by repeating this process.

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    Seems *78...if its still works...would be vastly quicker for Mom than logging in and clicking 15 things.

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      Picking up your phone and pressing *78 would have been vastly quicker than typing what you did.

      *78 doesn't work.  BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP