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6 years ago

Phone must be rebooted after every Voice Everywhere update

We have been Cox customers for over 30 years. Currently our phone, Internet, and TV are all provided by Cox. All worked well until Cox introduced the Voice Everywhere app. We now have regular phone outages (we hear a busy signal), especially after each new update of the app. To restore phone service (dial tone), I need to reboot the modem, temporally disconnecting all services. This has happened 3 times since the latest update on February 1. The Voice Everywhere app has terrible reviews, and updates seem to make no difference. We're hoping that Cox will drop this app altogether. It is getting more and more difficult to justify remaining with Cox, even though most services work well most of the time. 

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    Hello, Thank you for reaching out to Cox Forum Support. The Voice Everywhere app update should not cause a busy signal. So that we can take a look into this issue please email Please include the forum post, your full name, and address. We will reply back once we receive the email. Thanks

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