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5 years ago

phone line

My phone has been with "no line" for 3 days now. No information from Cox simply there is an outage in my area and they will notify ... how does a huge company like Cox not have more information concerning a PHONE .... we are older and in these times need a phone ... is there anyone else on the coast of California without a landline or know what is going on with Cox?

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    I agree Cox should be more transparent...and informative...with their outages.  They used to have a Status Page but got rid of it due to bad marketing.

    If you have no phone, Google offers a "phone" service in their GMail.  It worked for me during my outage.  Your Caller ID will read San Fransisco but it'll get you through this tough time.

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    Hi Bonmonsu, I do not believe this issue is related to the infrastructure upgrade taking place in your area. What lights are blinking on your telephone modem? Is there a phone line connected directly to the back of the modem, where it reads "Tel 1?" Do you have a splitter attached to that coaxial cable? If so, can you please bypass it and see if that resolves the issue?

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