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Outbound calls I didn't make in call history.

For each of the past three Thursdays, my call history shows there was an outgoing call made at 1:23am to the same unfamiliar number, for the same length of time. Problem is.......I never made the calls. What's happening?

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      There is an alarm system, but we never had it activated when we purchased the home several years ago.     I believe it had  already  been disconnected. 

  • Hi 2uzer. If no one in your home is calling that number, it is possible that could be spoofing. Spoofing is almost impossible to determine and catch whoever may be doing this. i hope that this help. Thanks, Lisa
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    I didn't find anything on the number.  It's toll-free.  Did you recently close any circuit breakers...add or move a phone?

    Perhaps the alarm company either accidentally or intentionally reset it.  Any INBOUND from that number?

    As General Beringer said in the movie, WarGames, "Just unplug the ** thing!"