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6 years ago

Odd phone call

We have received two phones calls from 844-302-3338. The message claims to be Cox responding to a phone call from us. We have not phoned Cox. The call is not going to the phone number provided by Cox. It refers to whether we were happy with the interaction through the phone call. Since there was no phone call -- what is this? Thanks if you can help. If you can't, welcome to my club. 

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    It sounds like a phishing scam.  The "representative" 'will eventually ask questions to confirm your identity with them.

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    Hi BooWho,

    This does not sound like something we would have generated, if you have not been in contact with us. It is best to be cautious, always. Please remain vigilant and only contact Cox directly and/or respond to us on our site or using the contact methods provided there.

    Cox Support Forums Moderator.
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    Lots of people have received calls from this number.  The caller ID often says "Cox".   The calls are about any recent contact you had with Cox.  were you satisfied with the customer service?.  In 2017, Cox representatives said that the number was legit: not a scam.  That has changed.  In 2018, Cox started telling people not to answer calls from that number and not to give them any information.  

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    Even with the slightest scintilla of concern, I'd ignore/block it.

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    September 30th 2023:  Just received a call from this number.  Answered. nobody responded.  Very much like other spam and pfishing calls.  It showed up as "Cox Comm".  I called back, got a recoded voice very similar to the usual Cox voice when calling, that said "Office is closed.  Please Call Back".