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7 years ago

Obviously spoofed numbers

Is there some reason why Cox cannot block OBVIOUSLY SPOOFED numbers.  I live in the 520 area code and am constantly getting telemarketing robocall showing a caller ID of 520-1##-####.   There are no telephone numbers in the 520 area code which begin with the number "1".  Any call showing that in the caller ID is using a spoofed number.  It should be easy for Cox to set up a mechanism which would automatically reject these calls.

How about a little consideration for your customers Cox?

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  • Hi Wetbaloney,

    Cox is currently in the process of upgrading all Cox Digital Telephone customers to a new voice platform. The new Cox Voice platform will provide Simultaneous Ring and allow customers to sign up for Nomorobo to block robocalls. Please watch the “News from Cox" section of your monthly statement for further details.

    Maria L.
    Cox Support Forum Moderator