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5 years ago


Are there plans to open up the use of Nomorobo to all folks who have phone service with Cox ?  I am currently unable to get it to work.  It tells me my number (through Cox) cannot be saved.

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    Hi Gromdelin, the ultimate goal is to migrate all Cox customers to our new telephone platform, allowing them the opportunity to take advantage of our nomorobo service, as well as the Cox Voice Everywhere app. Here is a list of instructions for setting up the nomorobo telephone service:

    There is a specific number that must be added in order to activate the service. This phone number is 602-598-5130. This number will need to be entered in your Phone Tools profile, and you'll need to activate the Simultaneous Ring feature. What happens is, your home phone will ring, and this will ring simultaneously with nomorobo, allowing the feature to block unwanted phone calls. Please feel free to email us at for additional assistance. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator