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11 months ago

Nomorobo Keeps Deactivating This Week?

Just in the past week Nomorobo keeps deactivating and I have to go to the COX Website / Settings and reactivate it. Why does it keep deactivating?


Dennis E. O'Connor

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    Use Spam Blocker to block unwanted calls.

    Voice Tools > Settings > Spam Blocker (Customize) > Select Block for each risk level.


    Your phone won't ring for blocked calls, but they'll be included in Call History with a 0.00 Duration and a red circle wth diagonal slash Disposition.


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    A reply contained an image the size of the blocked call disposition icon in Voice Tools when it was originally posted on the previous version of forums.  On this version, that image filled the screen.  I tried repeatedly to edit the reply to retain an image of the "Spam Blocker" setting and delete the oversized image but the edit would't save.   When I selected "Edit", my replacement version would be displayed.  But when I clicked "Reply", the oversized icon would be back.  The only way to get rid of the large image was to delete both it and the image of the settings.