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5 years ago

Nomorobo is USELESS

How many robocalls from the 475-215 exchange does it take before Nomorobo starts effectively blocking them?  At least TWENTY-FIVE CALLS from these terrorists and NONE OF THEM have been blocked.  What is the point of having a product if it’s as useful as a boat in the middle of the Sahara?  Ready to just pull my phone of the wall and call it a day.

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  • Hello JP Sports. I can certainly understand your frustration with unwanted calls. Nomorobo is a 3rd party service. I recommend reaching out to Nomorobo directly for assistance with reporting numbers that are still reaching out to you. You can reach them here: Thanks. -Allan Cox Support Forums Moderator.
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      Yes I did about 8 months ago.  Nomorobo was 6 for 6 on NOT blocking robocalls today despite being active. If a product is supposed to block robocalls and it blocks robocalls as well as a piece of crepe paper blocks a locomotive, then why bother?  Just easier to take the phone off the hook.

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        fwiw, i haven't had any robo calls recently.