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6 years ago

Nomorobo access in Omaha

When can those of us in Omaha expect to have simultaneous ring.  I have had the indoor telephone modem for many months, but nobody seems to know how to go about getting the packet feature set up on the modem, (or whatever it is that makes it work with the simultaneous ring)  After reading lots of the posts on NOMOROBO, I thought that anyone running the indoor modem could be switched to the new Cox Voice.  Am I wrong?  Do I just have to request a Service ticket to get this done?  Hopefully Becky is reading this and can respond from the Cox point of view.

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  • Wd5hyq,

    We'd need to authenticate your account and see if the account qualifies. Shoot us an email at so we can look at this and discuss it with you in more detail. Please include your full name, the account holder's full name if different from yours, your complete street address and details of your inquiry. Please also include a link to this thread.

    Colleen D.
    Cox Support Forums Moderator