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7 years ago

My onscreen caller ID is not working (again) (still).

This past weekend I did a chat with "Annie P", and she went through the canned list & rebooted the cable box and satellites, even though I had already done it and told her so.  Then she said she would elevate the issue and someone would call me "within 5 minutes"--which I didn't believe, but was hopeful.  Well, no one called, and here is is several days later and still no call, and no onscreen caller ID.  This problem happened a year ago, and once before that also.  What is the issue?  Can it be fixed?

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    Hey we went though this a year ago. We had a tech here for over an hour and a half and couldn’t get it to work, He even called supervisors and everyone he could think of. Even swapped out the cable box. Nothing worked. One day many months later, the phone rang and caller ID came up. Go figure!

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    Well, it worked for a few weeks, but it is now no longer working again!