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5 years ago

Landline disconnected, but I did not request it. Need it restored ASAP!

My landline phone has been disconnected, my bill is always paid on time. I cannot get a hold of Cox about this. Just got my latest bill today in the mail and it says "as requested on 9/4 a change was made to your phone service" I never requested this. How can I get in touch with someone from Cox as I can only deal with this late in the evenings due to my work schedule??? It says they have 24/7 customer service by phone but they don't.

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  • Hi Mack5, you were most likely disconnected as a result of our telephony platform upgrade. Since 2017, Cox has been working to update our telephony platform by removing outdated Circuit Switch technology and replacing it with Packet Switch technology. The latest wave of notifications included emails sent in April, May, and July, and postal letters mailed in August and September (2019). These notifications explained the need to remove the Cox phone box outside your home and replace it with an internal telephony modem. These changes are done at no cost to you. To reinstate your phone service, please call 844-208-3739. To learn more about the telephony platform upgrade, go to Please note that you only have 90 days to reinstate your old phone number once your telephone line has been disconnected. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator