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5 years ago

Landline - lost functionality

Cox recently (2-3 months) REMOVED the ”call forward NO answer” from residential service.  I know their system is capable of it as it is listed as a feature for business accounts. I've called 3-4 times and have been told different stories each time. Even their reps don't know which features are available.  The MOST important feature as it DEFEATED robo calls (after 4 rings went to cell and robo calls never hang on that long)  after 19 years to have such a critical removed (although system still capable of it)  is criminal. Anyone have affirmed knowledge if there is a way around this lost?  They take away services yet increase their prices :-(((

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    You were switched from Cox Digital Telephone to Cox Voice.  "Call forward, no answer" was available with CDT, but it isn't available with Cox Voice.  See this thread.