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12 months ago

Is Visual Voicemail supported on Cox Mobile?

So, the subject says it all.  I'm wondering if Cox is providing or supporting a "visual voicemail" app.

Also wondering if this is the right place to post.  The forum description doesn't mention mobile, just digital phone services over internet.

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  • Hi Locost_Johnh, are you referring to voicemail transcription? I don’t think we offer that feature now, but we may offer it in the future. We do have a few support articles available for Cox Mobile voicemail and other features at, We’re still working to expand the Cox Mobile support library. To best answer your question, I suggest reaching out to our chat team at and requesting a Cox Mobile support agent. You bring up a good point about adding Cox Mobile to our Forums, and I will definitely bring that up with my leadership team. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator
  • Thank you for your response, Becky.  The visual voicemail I had on my old phone didn't do anything fancy like transcription.  The voicemail on my new Cox Samsung A14 5G is only accessed by an old school dial up voicemail service.  The old school service gives me voice prompts on listening to new, or old messages in the order they were received and then the opportunity to delete the message most recently listened to.  Very conventional and several decades old technology. 

    On my previous phone the voicemail app didn't do any dial in.  When it opened it had available all (non-deleted) messages in a list or table.  Each entry in the list included the phone number, who (if they were in my contacts list) when, etc.  A touch on an entry would bring up that message with options to listen, delete, etc.  I'm sure there was some data usage but very minimal.

    So, nothing fancy, just a ready list of calls/messages, any one of which selectable with a touch.

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        This may all be a bit of nonsense on my part.  I'm trying to open the voicemail app now instead of the "press one on the phone pad" approach and Surprise, there is visual voicemail.  Still trying to get it to work though.

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    Are you seeking a visual menu to navigate voicemail as opposed to navigating voicemail via the number pad on your phone?  I'm assuming you're referencing "old school dial up" as pressing numbers on a telephone keypad.

    Your post reads like you want to "read" (visual) your voicemail.  This is what Becky thought you meant:  to transcribe your message(s) from audible to visual.

    Check the last section of this article.