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7 years ago

Inbound or outbound?

It sure would be nice if call history differentiated inbound versus outbound calls.  Missed calls show up ok.  In these modern times Cox seems to continually fall far behind.

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    The calls are indicated with a small graphic icon showing the direction of the call. But I agree it should be better indicated,

    Also when you Select Print or Download it specifics Incoming or Outgoing in text.

    It would be nice if Cox would also add a field for Duration.

    Outbound Toll Free numbers do not show up in call history and haven't for many years.

    Cox has claimed that because there is no charge for the call that is why they do not show up. Using the same logic, local and all incoming calls should not show up either, because those are not charged to the customer.

    Cox Please add outgoing Toll Free numbers to the Call History.

  • @bryaninphx,

    Thanks for the suggestion. I will forward this suggestion to our programming team on your behalf. 


    Allan - Cox Support Forums Moderator

  • Thank you for pointing that tiny little arrow.  I've never noticed it till now!

  • dhw1949

    I'll pass your message on to Allan. Feel free to reach out here 24/7.

    Cox Support Forums Moderator
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    Allan didn't help at all. All he said was he would tell other people about the fix that none of you moderators have mentioned. It almost seems like there is just one person moderating the forum and pretending to be different people, because all you guys do is copy/paste. If you are human, please answer the first two decimals of pie. Maybe you guys just need to work on your google foo because a lot of this stuff in on Cox support. Come guys, you are better then this. Take a few days to login into your own voicemail and learn all the in's and outs. I was busy learning stuff all the time during breaks. How do you keep from going crazy from boredom?

    PS. Thank you Byran. Once again you have brought reason to an confusing topic. Huge fan since AVS days. Cheers!