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5 years ago

I don't use my digital phone service, and I can't turn it off

Others have posted about not using their digital phone service, but still paying the monthly charge for it. Cox's explanation is that I am getting a multi product discount (aka bundle discount). I know that on my bill, I am paying $18.39/month for a service I don't use. With the increasing use of cell phones, why doesn't Cox "bundle" the internet and TV and give customers the option of turning off their phone service and saving the $18.39/month. I feel like I'm being scammed.

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    An Internet and TV only bundle for $18.39 less than the current bundle cost would certainly be to your benefit, but why would Cox agree to do that?  Their business plan offers the bundle of services at a reduced price from what would be charged for each product individually to provide customers an incentive to purchase additional services.  But, customers have the option to purchase services individually if they choose to do so.  If Cox offered the option to drop individual items from the bundle plan and reduce the monthly fee by the amount attributed to that line item, most of us would drop something we don't use.  

    Unless you have some type of binding agreement with Cox that states you're not allowed to cancel or change your service, you always have the option to drop phone service and enter into a new agreement to purchase Internet and TV services separately.  But, you'll lose your bundle discount and your monthly bill will actually go up.  In addition, if you're currently in a service agreement for a specified time period, you'll probably be assessed an early termination fee. 

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    the modem you have provides all 3, whether you use the phone is up to you.

    i bet you'd be paying more than the $18.39, if paying for same connect speeds + tv package.