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5 years ago

Has anyone ported vonage number to cox recently?

We are looking to switch back to cox phone from vonage and was looking for anyone who has done it lately to see how it went.  I'm guessing it works the same way when porting a number that we would get a temporary cox phone number while the port is in process is that correct?

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    Hi Andrew, we suggest that you sign up with the Cox phone services first, and Cox will provide a phone number, for the time being. Technically, the phone number is not temporary, and will always be assigned to your account. However, once the services are set up, you will need to contact Vonage and advise them that you intend to transfer the phone number from Vonage to Cox. As long as the phone number listed from Vonage meets the requirements for porting, Vonage will then reach out to Cox and release the phone number into Cox's possession. Once this takes place, Cox will then apply that phone number to the account; so that going forward, the ported number will then become the new permanent phone number. Here's some information about porting from the FCC website,

    The phone number from Vonage MUST be active, so please do not cancel Vonage and then set up services with Cox. If you do so, the phone number will not be ported over, as it is no longer an active phone number. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator