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2 years ago

Harrassing calls.

 I get daily robo calls from Comenity Bank, currently well over 100 calls.  They started Nov. 19, 2022, and continue every day, including weekends.  My number is on the FTC Do Not Call List, and I reported about the first 50 of these calls.  The first 60-70 calls had a female voice selling their services for anyone impacted by Covid 19.  Thereafter a gruff mail voice demands that I call them because they have some information that will impact me if I don't respond.  I have filed civil and criminal complaints for harrassment with the Arizona AG.  They have responded that  they will not pursue the matter.  Beside reporting to FTC on the DNC list, I have filed a formal complaint with them.  I have heard nothing from the FTC.  FTC rules strictly forbid these calls.  I have contacted by Congressman (Ciscomani) asking what agency enforces the FTC rules.  He has not responded to my request.  I have blocked the numbers they use, but they just call with a new number.  My phone states that I have no more room for blocked calls.

Am I just doomed to have this Bank call me forever?     

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    If the numbers have something in common, such as an Area Code and exchange and/or Caller ID (Comenity), you could buy a call-blocker with wildcard programming.

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    The fact you know the voice is male or female indicates you've continued to answer.  As long as you pick up, they'll continue to call.  Until you're able to block the calls, just stop answering the phone when you receive a call from someone you don't know when you aren't expecting a call.  Activate Voice Mail and check for a message.  If the call was important, the caller will leave a message and you can call them back.  That's what I do.  When I'm not expecting a call, I have Voice Tools settings set to ring twice and go to Voice Mail so that I don't have to hear the phone ring more than necessary.  Another option is the "Do Not Disturb" Voice Tools setting.  It will send calls directly to Voice Mail without ringing your phone at all. 

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    Not sure it will help but have you tried Nomorobo? If not, do what I do with my Ooma phone, which is to unplug it when not in use or expecting a call.

  • They haven't called our number since 2020.  As of the last call they had used 136 different numbers and called 529 times in 18 months.  They are a debt collector. We have never had any bad debts, delinquent debts, received collection letters, or been sued.  My guess is a step-daughter gave us as the nearest relative.  We never answered any of their calls or contacted them.  We don't answer the phone unless it is a caller ID we recognize.

    Some of their numbers have complaints on 800Notes from 13 years ago and for different finance firms. They issue private label credit cards for companies such as Victoria's Secret, Abercrombie, The Limited,  Other websites indicate this number is a robocaller. The caller ID for this number was “800 Service” but other commenters say it is Comenity Bank.

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      136 different numbers and called 529 times in 18 months

      Pretty good statistics.  You must have one of those newfangled abacuses!

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        Pefect Calc1.15 on a Kaypro double density,double disk CP\M system.  When the data disk gets full I'm hoping to upgrade to a 30 mb hard drive and Lotus.

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      Did you read the fine print of this firm?  You need to retain this firm and they'll also spam you unless you opt out of their additional "Services."

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        They have never spammed me with anything, AND if they get something like a firm that calls over and over, they will take the case on contingency.