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6 years ago

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I just spent an inordinate amount of my time chatting with some helpful Cox reps.  They were helpful in many areas but my last request concerned NOMORE ROBO and I was directed to settings and told I would be able to set this up myself.

Why send a customer to a location that will not allow the customer to perform the operation in question?

And why does My Services state I am paying for 21 services when I apparently can only access 4?

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  • Hi DEnnydot, Nomorobo is a phone feature currently available only to customers who have been converted to the new Cox Voice platform. If your monthly Cox billing statement shows that you subscribe to "Cox Digital Telephone" with either the Premier or Economy feature packages, you are not yet eligible to activate Nomorobo. The Cox Digital Telephone Premier Feature Pak includes Caller ID, Call Waiting ID, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, Call Forwarding No Answer, Call Forwarding Busy, Selective Call Forwarding, Selective Call Acceptance, Selective Call Rejection, Priority Ring, Busy Line Redial, Three Way Calling, Call Return, Voice Mail, Unlimited North American Calling Plan Calls, including Canada, and Unlimited Mexico Calling (except calls to cell phones). To learn more about these features, go to -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator
  • Most of those services are accessed by dialing a code.which will be mostly in the link in Becky's response.  This migration to Nomore Robo appears to be a poorly thought out thing, more of a field trial where they seem to be letting the customers do the troubleshooting.  Not the way I did system cutovers for several years.  It wa great, sitting in the customer's switch room on the Monday after a cutover or upgrade bored.  It would appear their techs only know what they know about their switching platform, and have little flexibility or experience with different technologies.