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3 years ago

Excellent Ambassador for Cox - Sam

I just wanted to drop Cox a note in referrence to two employees that provided excellent customer service and should be recognized by the company.

#1  Edgardo

We stopped in at  the Cox storefront on Federal in reference to our monthlly bill.   It had grown to over $325 a month, which was far too expensive for a person on a fixed income.  Edgardo researched discounts and we made a reduction of service in order to reduce our bill by $100 per month.  Still expensive, but manageable.   He also provided us with the information to apply for the ebb discount which will help reduce our bill even more.      He worked quickly and made a next-day appointment for our out-of-date modem to be upgraded and install the free trial of HomeLife.   We were in and out of the storefront in less than a half hour.   

#2  Sam (the installer)

I apologize that I didn't get Sam's last name.   He installed the new modem and HomeLife on Friday, February 4th around 1:30pm pst.   What a great ambassador he is.  He was super friendly and informative on how to maximize services.  He worked efficiently and when he left we had total confidence that he had not only answered all of our questions, but also had the confidence to utilize all of our Cox services.    He is a great conversationalist and was also cognizant of covid protocals wearing his mask and also putting booties on his shoes.  We felt that he respected our home and space.   He is a great example of what a home installer should be.   

My husband and I sincerely hope that Cox has an employee rewards program that will demonstrate and recognize these men for the great asset that they are to Cox Communications. 

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