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2 years ago


Did anyone receive this email with attachment from  (Starting  May  29, 2023, Cox users that are yet to update their account will no longer be able to login due to the security upgrade. Download and access the attach PDF to login and update your email.)

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    forward the email as an attachment to PHISHINGREPORT@COX.NET. It's a fake email to try to get you to click on a link, and login, so they can steal your credentials. IF you DID, change your password immediately!

    LOL, What WMO said, as I read his response after I typed mine. 

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    No official Cox email would come from a Cox.NET address. Only a email. Sounds like they are trying to trick you into downloading the PDF which probably has malware on it. I suggest forwarding it to and as an attachment to See here on how to forward as a attachment, which is important otherwise the system blocks it as spam.