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7 years ago

Email Transcript Delayed Nearly 12 Hours

Hi, I have setup our voice mail to send an email containing a transcript and an audio file to 2 email addresses: my wife's AOL email address and my gmail email address.  Currently, upon receiving a voice mail my wife receives an email immediately, but my email is delayed for anywhere from 10-12 hours.

Why is this?


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    I have noticed this as well.  It can take over 24 hours for some emails to arrive.  I sure wish they would document/explain why this happens, and how to avoid it.  I rely on this feature to get phone messages while I am at work, as there is no longer anyone at home to answer, and I can't take the calls at work.

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      Hi John-1852. The default for smartphones is to sync every 15 minutes unless there is no wifi connectivity. If you have a few emails that you received that have a different timestamp than when they were sent, we can look into this. Also, you may want to check out to verify if those emails are on the server before downloading them to your phone. That also may be the case since the phone usually only syncs every 15 minutes unless you have a manual sync option, which is available on most android phones. Please let us know if you need assistance. Thanks, Lisa - Cox Support Forums Moderator
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        Thanks !!! 

        I heard back from cox and at least they admit that they have a problem (no word on a fix).  I have the email sent to 2 different addresses.  One at work, which picks up new mail every few seconds, and one to my gmail account (i used have it sent to my cox account, until outlook would no longer connect to the cox account, and I missed a ton of messages.  They sold me on their tech service (for a fee), and their advice was wait a day and it might fix itself.  Duh, I could have told myself that for free.  I canceled the tech service, and know what, in about a week, it automatically recovered (I think I needed to reboot).  Since them, gmail is my primary home email.

        The worst delay I have seen is over 24 hours.  About a quarter are delivered in less than a minute, but the rest are usually about 6 or more hours delayed.  Sounds volume related, but I doubt they will cop to that.