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5 years ago

Email Syncing Issues

My Cox email no longer syncs (emails deleted on one device are deleted on all other devices).  I’ve deleted and re-added email accounts.  Problem remains.  Also, my iPhone’s incoming email server is  My Ipad(s) incoming email sever is  I’ve manually changed my iPhone’s incoming email server to imap to match the ipads but it reverts back to pop.  What needs to be changed.  Running the latest IOS on all devices..

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    Hi, your device with the POP server is deleting emails after reading them. So when the inbox is viewed on the device with the IMAP server it is reflecting the server with the deleted emails missing. If you change your POP server, make sure that you have the correct port numbers in place. I have included a link that might help. I have also included a link with some information about both servers. Just remember that you can also change the setting in your POP server to save a copy of the email as well. -Crystal
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    i phones i've dealt with setup cox as an imap account. delete iphone account, then re-create instead of trying to change pop3 to imap.