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12 months ago

Do not disturb question

I'm just curious why Cox can't figure out how to make the do not disturb option silence the ringers totally instead of ringing the phones one time when this option is enabled?  What is the point of do not disturb if our phones are still going to ring?

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    I am able to turn the ringer on my phone off manually, most phones are capable of that. 

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      Same here but why is the do not disturb still ringing my phone?  It shouldn't ring our phones at all correct?

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    "Voice Tools" contains the following: 

    Do Not Disturb is the best option to use when you have a busy schedule to send your calls directly to voice mail without ringing your phone. Your Voice Mail must be turned on to properly use this feature.

    Reads to me that the phone shouldn't ring. 

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    If all else fails, read its article.

    Do Not Disturb Voice Tools Settings

    The Do Not Disturb feature allows you to send incoming calls directly to your voice mail.

    * When the feature is turned on, you may hear a brief ring prior to the call rolling over to voice mail.
    * Voice Mail must be turned on to use the Do Not Disturb feature.