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6 years ago

Dear Cox, why is my blocking phone number ability limited to ONLY 30 numbers? I must get three spam calls a day and must clear the numbers too often. How about UNLIMITED blocked numbers ? PLEASE!

Dear Cox, why is my blocking phone number ability limited to ONLY 30 numbers?  I must get three spam calls a day and must clear the numbers too often.  How about UNLIMITED blocked numbers ?   PLEASE!

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    Well, here's another question: why do they make you pay more to not list your own phone number? Maybe if the spammers couldn't get hold of your number so easily.... ;)

  • Hi Jwadd201,

    Cox is currently in the process of upgrading all Cox Digital Telephone customers to a new voice platform. The new Cox Voice platform will provide Simultaneous Ring and allow customers to sign up for Nomorobo to block robocalls. Simultaneous Ring enables customers to filter out spam calls by using an external centralized database that keeps the most current information on spam callers. Please watch the “News from Cox" section of your monthly statement for further details.

    Maria L.
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      "...most current information on spam callers..."

      Known spam callers?  That's now an oxymoron.

      There is no current information on spam callers.  Spammers use spoofed numbers like bullets:  use it once...reload another.  Since Nomorobo launched on 1 Oct 13, my one-time spoofs increased 365 percent.  In the past year, I've received 178 of them.  That's probably much fewer compared to others, but I don't give my number.  If Jiffy Lube insists, I blatantly give a fake one.

      Nomo can't block one-time spoofs.  Cox has to be proactive.  How?  Perhaps a proactive lookup.

      If a number has never connected to me before, force it to enter a CAPTCHA.  "Connected" meaning I picked up the phone.  No CAPTCHA...block it.

      Who enters the City & State in the Caller ID...Cox?  Perhaps that could trigger a lookup.

      If I get repeat calls from Lupus, BBBS, Unknown Name...that would be up to me to either locally block or report.  The unknown one-time spoofs are the problem....not the known ones.

      Our online Phone Call History should be more interactive.  What's does it currently do...list calls and add to Contacts?  Weak.  We should have a button to block.  Stop charging us to block!

      We should have the option to block the known anonymous names (Name Unavailabl, Private, Unavailable, Unknown, Unknown Call, Unknown Name).  Allow us to report new anonymous names (Private Call, Unknown Caller, Secret Name).

      Cox should use these known anonymous names with wildcards (*unknown*, *name*, *vail*).

      We should have the wildcard option (*lupus*, *bbbs*, *pickup*, *cox*).

      Automatically block unassigned Area Codes and Exchanges.

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        Bruce,  you have summed up the problem succinctly.   I only block spammers if they call a 2nd time from the same number.  I bought a home phone that blocks 250 numbers.  If I block the "one-time-spoofers", I can fill up the 250 spaces in a few weeks.  Yesterday I had 4 one-time spoofers.  Today I'll probably receive 5 more.