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7 years ago

Cox Phone Upgrade Incompatible with Home Security System

Question #1;

Why do moderators lock down the POTS/VoIP discussion problems, rather than let folks describe their personal experience with this ongoing failure?  We just discovered (returned from out of state) Cox's "upgrade" has disabled our security.  Thanks god there wasn't a break in, or fire, or an elderly family member depending on it.

Reading these locked posts here;

.... where these posts essentially say;

" ...The major problem experienced so far has to do with the fact that the changeover from POTS landline to "more advanced" VoIP phone service has essentially “ruined” my home alarm/security system.  Unbeknownst to me—since this issue was never addressed or communicated in any of the phone update materials furnished me by Cox or on their website—is that the Cox’s updated, “more advanced” phone system no longer enables my home security system to communicate with the alarm monitoring system. So, in essence, we’re now unprotected in case of unauthorized intrusion into our home..  ...."


" ....Very upset at Cox.  I got a letter from Cox that I needed to upgrade my phone service at no charge to me.  Had it done.  The next day, my security system had a communication error.  It was not calling out to the monitoring service.  I called Cox and was told that I needed to call my security system company to fix it. ...."

the issue of VoIP & security company phone interface is apparently ongoing - where a security/medical/fire emergency can occur, and we, the (likely uninformed) Cox customer become the victim of our carrier's "upgrade" - ie, VoIP.  We pay a premium to Cox so they have to come out to take care of this .... but they can't schedule any one any sooner than THREE DAYS.  Crossing fingers in the mean time.

Question #2

Does anyone at Cox have any (helpful) suggestions in the interim ?

Question #3

Our (VERY expensive - highest customer satisfaction) 16 port VPN router has become VERY unstable ever since Cox changed us over to VoIP phone service ... requiring our networked computers & wifi / via router/bridge have to continually have to search & re-locate the appropriate address(es) just so our various appliances can talk to each other.  Frustratedly - we replaced our old VPN router ONLY because Cox failed to tell us the "improved" VoIP could have this kind of result.  But as with the above issues, folks seem to be dialogging about this problem too.

Question #4

Is it possible to require Cox to return us to POTS?

Thanks in advance if there are any REAL sollutions.


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  • Rather than just plugging into the nearest jack to give dial tone to the rest of the house, the Cox installer needs to connect the new telephone jack from the back of the modem to the old NIU, which should send that dial tone to the RJ 31 jack of the alarm system, which then is already connected to the rest of the house's phone jacks.  There are enough of these complaints to make me wonder how experienced Cox's installers really are.

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    I keep getting letters about the phone upgrade and I haven't pursued it (1) I know it will mess up my security system because we called our security system.  ( 2) I don't want an internet phone I want a landline.  Otherwise why have a phone I have a cell phone.  I guess I'm going to switch to AT&T I don't need the hassle.  I just want a phone not all those add ons.  Guess if my internet is also not going to work I'll just keep Cox cable tv and find another provider.  :(

  • Hi, everyone.

    Cox is proactively updating the network by removing outdated Circuit Switch technology that will cease to be manufactured in the future and replacing it with up to date Packet Switch technology. Customers impacted by Circuit Switch to Packet Switch (CS2PS) will have their existing Network Interface Unit (NIU) disconnected and will need to have either an Internet & Telephone Modem or an Internet Telephone Wi-Fi Modem installed by a technician.
    While the network will use packet switched technology, this is not a VOIP phone and your service will continue to function the same as it does today, including all features.
    Security systems should function seamlessly, just the same as they functioned with the outdated technology.
    To avoid any interruption in your service, please follow the instructions in the letter you've received.