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4 years ago

Cox Phone Service and Verizon

When Cox ubstalls phone service, do they completely cut the Verizon lines and run a new line from pole as I cant seem to get any signal from the outside network interface? I currently still have Cox phone service so perhaps that is making a difference. Thanks.

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    What type of cable...coaxial or the wall outlet in your living room...or whichever room connects to the outside NIU?

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      I have wire inside the house. Cox connected somehow outside. Im just worried they may have cut the lines coming in the house. Ill find out soon enough.

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    Hi NamVet,

    We no longer use the Network Interface Units to provide telephone services. Your telephone signal is completely digital at this point which rides on the cable lines that run into your home. Let us know if you have any further questions.

    Ben S.
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      Thank you Ben for your response; I appreciate it. I guess what I should have said was if I cancel Cox phone service and return the equipment, will my Verizon line will live or os there anything I'd need to do? Thanks again.