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8 months ago

Cox Mobile Number Swap

I have two Cox Mobile lines on my account. I'm planning on buying a new device from Cox; however, I want to use the existing line to buy a new device (existing device is paid-off and unlocked) and do not want a new line for the new device. When I try to order online,  I only see "New Line" option and do not see "Existing Line" option in the drop down. It says "Your existing lines are not eligible for a new device at this time"; dont know what it means. Anyone have a clue on why I'm having this issue? 

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    This particular topic is not something other members of our forums community can assist with so please reach us on Twitter at CoxHelp, visit us on Facebook, or by email at Please include your full name, complete street address and details of your concern in your message.

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    Thanks for the response. However, the information provided in the response is incorrect. I reached out to and they responded by saying they do not support Cox Mobile and asked to reach out to Cox mobile support via phone.

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      Please reach out to us via our toll-free number: 1-800-234-3993 for Mobile Device Support. 


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