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4 months ago

Cox iPhone rebate Issue

I Pre-ordered my Apple iPhone 15 Pro 256GB Black Titanium from Cox.As part of this promotional offer on Sep'2023 I was entitled to a Pre-order gift card worth $500.00.

After completing all necessary paperwork via DocuSign ,making the full payment, completing the 90 days pf service, I eagerly awaited communication regarding my COX Reward . Unfortunately, I have not received any updates regarding my MasterCard gift card till date. I even submitted rebate using the offerid within the time frame and The  tracking number still shows as “Pending,” and there has been no further progress.

Despite reaching out to Cox Representatives via phone and chat multiple times, I have not received clarification on why the gift card has not been issued. As a loyal Cox customer since 2018, I find this prolonged delay really frustrating and unhappy with the way COX handles the issue .

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