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5 years ago

Cox digital phones

1. didn't want anything but a landline, Cox says I have no choice

2. bill goes up and I now have 2 modems

3. lose power, your phones are out too

4. Cox seems to think we should all use our cell phones when we have issues

5. which I do - bad digital modem

6. 3 days until the "earliest" apt available

7. that's after I've spent an hour + trying to get answers from someone

8. been waiting 35+ mins for the manager to even get on the chat

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    Hi Rmaneton,

    I know you've exerted quite a bit of energy on this already. For account-specific support you may also email my team with your complete address and link to this forum post. We'd ask you to use our email address.

    Cox Support Forums Moderator
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    How do you know it's a bad modem?  Who installed it?