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2 years ago

Cox Complete Care Cancellation Charge

Cox actually tried to charge $75 for cancelling Cox Complete Care when I did not cancel it!  We had constant trouble with the Cox phone/internet service all summer, and I do mean constant.  Day after day the modem started blinking and service was down sometimes for only a short period of time, other times for hours.  A Cox tech came out when the service was not down, said there was no wiring problems and to just update the modem.  He said the weather was probably causing the problems.  Updated modem and still had constant problems. 

Had Complete Care and had no intention of cancelling it, since obviously we were going to have to get Cox back out eventually.  They did come out in early September, since modem and phone did not work at all for over 24 hours.  Since it was a holiday weekend, they wanted to come out 6 days later!  They changed it to four days, after complaining that they should not take so long to repair a landline phone. (Why the FCC rule about having to get a modem from Cox, instead of buying your own, if Cox doesn't quickly come out and fix it?) This time they fixed the problems, both with the jack and outside wiring.

Then the bill came, where they charged $75 for cancelling Cox Complete Care in late August.  As stated, I did not cancel it.  Either Cox is incompetent in billing, or they wanted to get their $75 for the tech visit when they couldn't get that since we had Complete Care.  Called Cox and they said it would be removed from the bill and they reinstated the Cox Complete Care, which, by the way, was a $10 charge on the current bill, too!  Anyone else have this happen?