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5 years ago

Cox compatible router with phone jack

Are there commercial routers with phone jacks compatible with cox voice service. I have the cox rental I would like to replace with one I purchase. 

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  • We do not sell any modems that provide phone service. However, if you are renting one that has built-in wifi you could trade it in for a stand-alone phone modem that does not have any built-in wireless capabilities and there would not be a rental fee as long as you have phone service. You would then just need to purchase your own wireless router and connect it to the modem.

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    If you want landline, Internet and WiFi; you'll need 3 devices:

     - Internet Modem (DOCSIS)
     - Telephone Modem (eMTA)
     - WiFi Router

    Cox will freely loan you the eMTA.  If Cox issues you a standalone eMTA, you'll need to purchase a DOCSIS.  Make sure your choice is on the list of Cox Certified Cable Modems.

    If the Solution Store doesn't have a standalone eMTA available, they'll freely loan you a combo device (DOCSIS & eMTA).

    A router is your personal network and you can buy whatever you want:  wireless, non-wireless, 802.11a, MU-MIMO, 60 GHz, etc.  However, Cox would gladly rent you a PoS all-in-one device (DOCSIS, eMTA & WiFi).

    Most would recommend purchasing your own router.  You only need to determine your needs:  your data plan, number of networked devices, ideal location, etc.

    UPDATE:  Oops...I didn't notice this post is a month old.

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      you can use the emta for internet, so only emta and router needed

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        That may be true nowadays; however, that's why I qualified a standalone eMTA.

        When Cox started pushing their new telephony technology in 2016 (VoIP, Cox Voice, packet switching) I specifically asked the Solution Store for a standalone eMTA because I was happy with my Internet modem.  That's what they issued; that's what I connected.

        Nowadays, those standalones may be long gone.  I don't know.