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2 years ago

Cox Call History

The Cox Call History page informs "Please allow 15 minutes for new activity to appear."

I got a call at approximately 7 PM but had missed its Caller ID on TV.  I've been refreshing this page for 90 minutes and the needed Caller ID still hasn't appeared in my history.  Is it 15 minutes or 15 hours?

Why is this thing so difficult?

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  • At least you can look at your call history to see that nothing has been posted to it.  It's been 3 months since my call history has worked despite several emails and postings to the forum.  Brace yourself.

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    If I'm watching TV when I receive a call, "TV Caller ID" displays available caller information on my TV screen too.  In addition, "Call Logs" can display a list of incoming calls since the last time the DVR was booted.  That last feature may just be available with Cox TV.  Does Contour have it?

    The entry for a call I just made showed up in "Voice Tools" "Call History" 11 minutes later.  That was outbound and yours was inbound.  But, the difference in delay is more likely affected by the current state of Cox's network.  Does it always take hours for your call entries to show up?

    My phone stores available caller identification with the date and time of incoming calls.

    I still have a CIDCO device between the modem and phone that provided caller information when I was using my old 20th century phone.  I've had it so long that I don't remember where I got it.  A light flashed after a call was received and it stored information for the last 60 incoming calls.  I stopped replacing batteries for it, but the thing still worked when I quit using it.

    Then there's voice mail for callers who choose to leave a message.  That's mostly been election campaign robocalls lately.  The machines are talking to each other.

    That's six potential ways to know who called.  I don't answer my phone unless caller ID shows it's someone I know or I'm expecting a call.  Since I usually don't answer my phone, it's set to ring twice and go to voice mail.  If I'm not by a phone when a call is received, I'll call back if it's a friend.  Otherwise, I may call back if they leave a message, but only if I want to talk to them.

    I don't get many spam calls, less now that the elections are over.  But that's a different post.

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      Contour does not have a Call Log of incoming calls.  Its predecessor, Rovi, had a log but I can't remember the length of its list.  Perhaps it was 5 per page at 3 pages.  I think I remember being able to "arrow" through its list.  Anyway, Contour is limited to real-time displays for calls.

      I have 4 ways to see a Caller ID:  Caller ID on TV, call-blocker on computer, telephone display and Cox Call History.  It used to be 5 with the log in Rovi.  I don't use Cox Voice Mail because I have a 20th century answering machine.

      However, I was on the phone and the Caller ID on TV happened to catch my eye as it was swiping off the screen.  If I'm on the phone, none of my stuff can log a call.  No big whoop, log into Cox Call History.

      I don't know if it usually takes hours for a call to appear in Cox Call History because I rarely use it.  I knew it takes 15 minutes, so I waited, and waited, and waited...

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      Mine usually updated within 15 minutes but that is based on being in a hurry and checking every couple of minutes immediately after the call until it showed up.  Calls that took longer were infrequent.  But normally I wouldn't check my call history until the end of the day and wouldn't know how long they took to appear on it.